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Here at Spaghetto Factory, We specialize in manufacturing high quality Italian pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, and tortellini. Using traditional Italian recipes, We create 100% natural, no preservatives added, fresh pasta specialties . All of our pasta is non-pasteurized, the key to its fresh, homemade taste and texture. Additionally, our products are made under FDA and USDA regulation and inspection.

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This machine takes all the ingredients and mixes the perfect pasta, pushing it out in large sheets to be used for printing.


Our state-of-the-art Italpasta Machine can print over 400lb/s of fresh pasta each hour.

Fresh pasta comes off the production line and is flash frozen for preservation. The pasta shown on the right has spent over a month in the freezer. It has been defrosted and it is just as fresh as it was the second it was first made!


Our first mission is to produce a quality product. The best way to do that is by making a non-pasteurized product; so there is no loss in the taste and texture. The pasta is then frozen quickly using freezer tunnel, sealing it in this fresh state for later use.

As our frozen pasta thaws, it reverts back to the fresh state as it was first produced. A technological breakthrough in pasta making, our Blaster Freezer literally "flash freezes" the pasta as it rolls off the line. Retains freshness without sacrificing storage longevity.

Production Line

Mixing the pasta

The first step, all the ingredients are mixed together in the pasta mixer prior to printing.

Sheeting the Pasta

Under pressure, the pasta is pushed out of the mixing machine in sheets and fed into the printing machine.

Printing the Pasta

The sheets are cut, shaped, and/or injected with the correct filling.

Drying the Pasta

The pasta is passed through to the dryer, where excess moisture is quickly removed.

Freezing the Pasta

The pasta is then passed through our Blaster Freezer, where it is "Flash Frozen" in less than 20 minute.

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