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“There is a difference when it comes to artisan fresh pasta here in the United States, and we are it.”


From our production facility to the tables of our restaurants, our pasta is made every day fresh and expressly cooked to enjoy the best Italian food experience. We mix flour, water and eggs with our passion for food that comes intact from our deepest Italian origins.

Fresh. Homemade. Fast. Al dente.

We are a marriage of old world Italian pastas with new world technology. We produce the finest of pastas that our mother would be proud of. Old world gourmet recipes that your business could call their own produced in one of the highest scoring USDA and FDA inspected and approved facilities. We are led by true Italians, first generation Italian Chefs and entrepreneurs who came to the United States with the dream of sharing our recipes with our neighbors. Using traditional Italian recipes, we create 100% natural, no preservatives added, fresh pasta specialties. All of our pasta is non-pasteurized, the key to its fresh, homemade taste and texture.
We also follow a different approach to the business. Compared to huge multinational corporations that produce one canned pasta fits all we look forward to working with our customers sitting down and sharing our recipes. As you would in the old country, come to our kitchen sit down and let us develop custom recipes and pastas for your needs. Remember if we help you succeed the most obvious outcome is that we will succeed.